questions + answers.

Q: How do we rent dinnerware for our event?

A : Once you have decided on the date, venue and catering booked, contact us through our rental inquiry form. After receiving your information we will assist in getting a quote put together for you. When you are ready to book our rentals, we will send out a detailed Rental Agreement. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon signing of the rental agreement. Once rental agreement is signed then you have guaranteed your items for your event.

Q: How long do have with our rentals?

A : Our standard rental period is between 24 hours with delivery same day and pick-up can be day after your event. For example: For a Saturday event, items are delivered the same day and if the event runs late then the rental can be picked-up Sunday.

Q: Can you accommodate very large events?

A: The size of each of our collection varies. Please send us an email with an approximate guest count and the collections you are interested in renting.

Q: How much does it all cost?

A : We offer packages and also individual prices giving you the opportunity to choose as many or as few as you'd like. Please note: Our price and packages are priced with thoughts of a small budget in mind.

Q: Can I select specific style and pattern from your collection?

A : Unfortunately, our dishes are intentionally mismatched with thoughts of creating a stylish collection. Due to the size of our inventory and the time it would take to do so, we're unable to allow clients to hand-select specific patterns within a collection.For this reason we ask the theme and for color scheme of the event to carefully select a beautiful and cohesive set for your table. We will always make every effort to consider any special request with the utmost attention to detail in our selection. Once our selection is chosen we will send a general mock set up to ensure what will be part of your event you will be satisfied with.

Q: Once we use your tableware are we responsible of cleaning?

A: No, we do ALL the Cleaning! This is part of the 30% Damage/Usage fee we apply for our service. We want you to enjoy your event and not have to worry about the stress of clean-up. We do ask you to return our items free of large food product by carefully scraping any food leftover, then placing the dishes in the bins we provide.

Q: How do you clean and sanitize your tableware?

A:  We are extremely concern about the sanitation of our tableware. We have a method of cleaning our items after each event to be sure we are ready for the next. We make sure once food is scraped and rinsed off we clean with a new clean dishcloths and soak plates with an antibacterial non-toxic detergent and hot water at 170 Fahrenheit for at least 30 seconds. We also use a dishwasher whenever possible to sanitize. Once dishes are cleaned and sanitize we allow dishes either to air dry or dry with a new clean microfiber cloth. Our last step in our cleaning method is to cover each dish with a stretchy food plastic wrap to ensure they stay protected against germs and dirt.

Q: Do you collaborate with event planners/photographers for stylized shoots for publication?

A: We love to be part of creative collaborations. Just email us with the details including the collections you are interested in, other contributing vendors, and any planned visuals or inspiration. We do require a 50% refundable deposit if we are unable to deliver and/or pick up the day of shoot.